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— Why do our clients choose us?

Zeema is one of the best web studios in Ukraine.

High quality approach to development

We prepare our development documentation as detailed as possible. The website-to-be is fully designed on paper, and all key pages are displayed with modular grids. In this way the developer and client can understand the current project equally well, and with the help of planning and reporting tools they can control the work schedule and receive a highly functional and user-friendly website as the result.

European style of web-sites design

We are one of the few domestic studios which do not promote the ".runet" approach to website design. We prefer the western school of design featuring a special order of placing the content, fixed page sizes, and great attention to details.

Powerful content management system (CMS)

Over 200 projects use our management system to operate on the Internet: from simple corporate websites to complex portals and online stores. The functional and user-friendly interface is easy to use and is a powerful project management tool. This is always a major advantage in tenders. Besides, we are an authorized partner of 1c-?bitrix.

User-friendly website support

Despite the user-friendly management system many companies prefer to have experts support their websites. And it makes sense. Support is a separate finely tuned process enabling to develop the project and keep it up-to-date. This is why, we can always offer ?optimal schemes for website information support and development. Read more on support at Services.

The studio was established in 2000.
It is located in Kiev.
The staff is made up of 15 persons.
Over 200 projects have been accomplished.